Work, Work, Work… Study, Study, Study

Early in my career as a physical therapist, while I was still a student, I was lucky to have an amazing mentor. Paul Hughes attended the university and physical therapy program where I was studying, and had built a private practice in central Illinois. He needed some help and I needed a summer job where I could get some hands on physical therapy experience. Paul’s motto was “work, work, work… study, study, study,” which he shared with me from day one as I assisted him in his clinic, based in a small rural hospital. We discussed the proper approach for each patient~ he quizzed me and shared techniques. He had studied with the icons of the day~ Stanley Paris, Ola Grimsby… and had taught in the orthopedic graduate physical therapy program at Northwestern University himself. His motto has stuck with me, and has led me to explore several different paths in depth during the course of my physical therapy career and to share what I have learned with others.

This month I have the opportunity to share what I have learned about working with long COVID at a virtual conference on Sunday, March 12 through the Aquatic Rehabilitation Exercise Academy, based in England. This conference features British and international presenters speaking on a wide variety of aquatic topics. Information about registration is available on their website:

I challenge you to “work, work, work… study, study, study” and be a lifelong learner in order to share with others and help make positive change in the world.

Never stop learning!

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